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Life Can Be Difficult. Let Us Help. 

Life can become overwhelming and stressful. And certain situations can we overwhelming. At BODY WHISPERER LLC, I am here to listen and to start you on your path to healing whether you are dealing with cancer, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or normal life issues.

Through questioning, discussing, and listening, we will work together to assess your issue and work to resolve it. The road to good health takes dedication, hard work, education and change. 

BODY WHISPERER LLC will help you experience success in dealing with self-image, pain and reducing the roller-coaster of emotions. Therapy is a two way street-and were here to work together.
I understand the impact that cancer, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and just normal everyday issues how it affects every aspect of your life.  I understand the pain that you are experiencing and feeling.
Call (303) 681-7905
Come experience a Mind Body Wellness Session
using the
Rubenfeld Synergy Method(®)in the Denver area.
Body Whisperer LLC is Located at
Vast Wellness Center
2323 S. Troy Street
Bldg 3, Suite 108
Aurora, Colorado
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