Body Whisperer LLC Denver - BENEFITS
BODY WHISPERER LLC - Company Message
RSM can help you to bring:
Physical Well-being
  • Experience greater comfort, support, and ease of movement.
  • Recover and heal from injury and illness.
  • Learn to value your body and its wisdom.
Mental Well-being
  • Become aware of limiting beliefs and transform them.
  • Experience greater peace of mind.
Emotional Well-being
  • Experience more energy and vitality as old emotions are released.
  • Increase your comfort in expressing your emotions.
Spiritual Well-being
  • Embody your true nature.
  • Experience your body as sanctuary for your soul.
Come experience a Mind Body Wellness Session
using the
Rubenfeld Synergy Method(®)in the Denver area.
Body Whisperer LLC is Located at
Vast Wellness Center
2323 S. Troy Street
Bldg 3, Suite 108
Aurora, Colorado  80014
Call (303) 681-7905 to schedule your appointment
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