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Janet Cook, CRS, CNA
Guest Appearance on Living Consciously TV
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How to Live Consciously in Your Body? Our guest is Janet Cook - Rubenfeld Synergist Live in our Denver Cable-TV Studio. She is having a dialogue about "How to Live Consciously in Your Body?" with our Health in Denver, Colorado
Janet has been in private practice since 2007.
She completed an intensive, four-year, 1608-hour certification training in Rubenfeld Synergy with continued post-graduate training.
Valuing the importance of the unique experience of all individuals, Janet enjoys the process of guiding her clients to learn to listen to the signals our body sends us.  This process can be hugely transformative and help her clients to live more fully in their body in each and every moment.
I am registered with Colorado DORA as:
    Registered Psychotherapist, NLC.0011083
    Nursing: Certified Nursing Assistant, NA.00733257

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Body Whisperer LLC is Located at:
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