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What If?

I woke up this morning with this little rhyme going through my head:    In the stillness of the nights or the quiet of the days I lay me down to get some rest releasing the trapping of others' ways.   

What if others' ways were the errors and we dared to color outside of these lines?  Mixing and blending, and breaking the rules, expanding beyond the times.   

This little poem invites me to deepen this "what if" quest!  

All the should have and could have, the didn't, don'ts and won'ts, the whys and why nots, the not right, not enough, can leave us believing we fall short.     

What if instead we trusted those inner tugs, our wonderings and wandering, our intuition, knowing there is no such thing as a mistake?       

What if instead of making mistakes we believed we were really inventors in our experimentation phase?  Many inventors know that what they are inspired to achieve could not come into existence if they didn't "first" find out all the things that don't work.  There is an exponential difference between believing you make mistakes and knowing you are experimenting with trial and error.    

Thomas Edison knew this truth.  He was a prolific inventor whose discoveries, including the electric light bulb, impacted the entire world and helped change the trajectory of the communication industry.  Along with his numerous discoveries, he also gifted us with his attitude about success and failure.  He states, "I have not failed.  I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work."     

It's understandable how hard we can be on ourselves when we believe we make mistakes.  This belief can lead us away from our true nature and our own magnificent discoveries and contributions.  The attitude of mistake and failure can send us off in the direction of perfection, trying real hard to get it right so we don't feel like a failure, or it can make us give up all together.  Imagine how your world could shift when you embrace the truth that Thomas Edison knew which allowed for his immense success and worldwide contributions. Thomas Edison also states, "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."     

Experiment with this idea and see what happens!  Whenever something goes differently than you wanted, try saying to yourself, I've just discovered what doesn't work!  Experiment with saying it a variety of ways so that you can feel the difference in your body.  Try saying out loud, "I made a mistake." What do you notice in your body and how do you feel as you say that? Then try saying, "I've just discovered what doesn't work." What do you notice in your body this time and how do you feel now as you make this statement?  For me, the first statement feels heavy, weighs me down and I feel sad and disappointed.  The second one makes me feel lighter, brings me up and I feel excited and curious!  Notice the difference between how these two statements make you feel and think about yourself.      Many of us grew up in a society that, through the school system and parenting practices, reinforced working hard, following the rules and getting the "correct" answers.  This structure does not support those of us who are here to learn through trial and error so that, as a result. we can teach what does work.  We are the people that are here to create expansion and improve the world through experimentation.     

You can, right now, change the trajectory of your own life as you expand beyond the limiting beliefs that came into you from outside of you.  You can begin to experiment with and trust those inner tugs, your intuition, your wonderings and wanderings with the knowledge and clarity that, there is no such thing as a mistake!     

As you practice this new way of viewing yourself and life, you might meet up with others who resist this new way of living.  Remind yourself that they are still under the influence of their conditioning, caught in a limiting belief system.    So, in the stillness of the night or the quiet of the day you can lay down to get some rest, and feel good about releasing the trappings of others' ways. 

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method can help you connect with your inner tugs, your intuition, and your wonderings and wanderings as well as release old beliefs that keep you disconnected from your magnificence.  

With warmest wishes for your wellbeing,The Rubenfeld Synergy Community

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Our writer, Lorie Speciale, is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist with a private practice in Northport, NY.  To visit her website go to  bodymind-matters.com

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