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Supporting my father-in-law during Hospice Care
Supporting my father-in-law through Hospice Care


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Seeds of Change

For some time now, as part of my morning routine, I pull Befriend Your Body Inspiration Cards then I write whatever comes to me. Today I pulled a card that was about hips: tapping into my power. It was paired with the quality of dependability: the ability to shift my awareness and be empowered to stand on solid ground. My writing this morning brought me back to over 30 years ago when I was presented with one of those very challenging events that shook my ground, turned my world upside down and left me feeling very disempowered.

I was a young mother who woke up one day as a single parent with three children. I was terrified! I didn’t know how I was going to support and care for myself and my three very young children. I didn’t know what or who I could depend on.
The very nature of living brings us all down a path in which we find ourselves met by a variety of experiences. They run the full spectrum from incredibly joyful and exciting to dreadfully frightening and devastating. Although these “events” are called different names, the one I experienced so long ago being divorce and single parenthood, what they all have in common is that they hold within them, at their very core, an opportunity for growth. Looking back now I can see how this shockingly cold and dark “event” dramatically changed the trajectory of my life, leading me over a variety of amazing terrain.

Like the seasons, these experiences bring us the full spectrum of conditions, emotions, temperatures and colors; the necessary seeds of change. Some of these “events” are a pure delight; like a long awaited summer vacation at the destination of your dreams. They invite us outdoors into the sunshine for some wonderful exploration and adventure. Filled with light and exquisite vibrant colors, they heat us up bringing us lots of excitement, fun and laughter. These are the seeds of beauty and love.

There are some experiences that invite us into quiet spaces. Like late summer, these are the times we feast, with appreciation, upon the fragrant ripeness of our harvest. It’s also the time we pause by moving into stillness; leaving what is familiar and heading towards the unknown. It is a pensive yet necessary transition space between outside and in. These are the seeds of humility and trust.
Other “events” like autumn are a mix of warmth and coolness; not too hot and not too cold. The gusty wind of these cleansing events fills the air with freshness, getting us ready to begin the journey inward. Like the earthy tones, they urge us to store what we need and shed what is no longer useful, as we dig into the ground of deeper understanding about what holds us back and what supports our growth. These are the seeds of knowledge and wisdom.

Then there are the winter “events”. Those frigid times filled with bitter cold and icy sharpness, like my husband’s sudden leaving. They make us shiver right down to our core; freezing us up into thinking it will never end or be OK again. Everything has been stripped bare, looking stark naked, covered only by a thin layer of white frost. This is the time to contract inward as deep as we can go, so that we can contact the pure truth of who we really are, as conditioning is cauterized away. These are the seeds of courage and honesty.

And at last, there is spring, the season I find myself in now! Spring "events" are filled with promises. They are the beautiful pastels that bathe us in soothing softness and wrap us in gentle warmth. They satisfy our senses. These everyday pleasant surprises pop up in unexpected places bringing smiles and gifting us with laughter. With new skin, they invite us to stretch as far as we can go, reaching for our dreams. These are the seeds of hope and faith.
I didn’t realize at the time that my winter event of divorce and single parenthood contained the seeds of spring. A thread of promises, like a rainbow of colors, has been sprinkled throughout all the seasons and years of my life. I feel blessed today to be able to tap into my power and to have the awareness that it’s because of all I’ve been through that I am empowered to stand on solid ground!
We are all born as beautiful unique beings. All of our experiences can be used to cultivate a rich environment where we can grow our seeds of change.

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® is a powerful yet gentle modality that uses both listening touch and talk to help you gain access to your own innate wisdom where you can cultivate your seeds of change. 

With warmest wishes for your wellbeing,
The Rubenfeld Synergy Community

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Our writer, Lorie Speciale, is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist with a private practice in Northport, Long Island. To find out more about Lorie, visit

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